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Our programs

Individual Success Program

The Individual Success Program is a structured personal development group for adults with Asperger's to reach their full potential.

After the completion of school, many people on the spectrum struggle with a cycle of isolation, anxiety, depression, and poor routines. The ISP program seeks to break that cycle by providing a series of structured support programs to get out of the house, meet new people, and learn life skills.

ISP participants create a personal Individual Action Plan to develop the social, organizational, and pre-vocational skills necessary to achieve success in life. Program participants may meet up to five days a week to complete their own tasks while also attending a series of engaging and educational programs.

Peer Support Groups

Our peer groups are an opportunity for support and discussion for people on the autism spectrum. Like many of our programs, our peer support groups are run by people who themselves identify as having Asperger's syndrome. Since our first peer group began in 2009, participants have told us overwhelmingly how this unique aspect of our programming allows for more open and productive conversation.

Adults 18+ who identify with autism, Asperger's, PDD-NOS, or other murky labels are invited to attend. Clinical diagnosis is not required.

Parents and Family Discussion Group

Parents, family, spouses, and friends meet to find support, share resources, and meet other families with an interest in the autism spectrum.

Groups are facilitated by persons with Asperger's Syndrome with extensive experience dealing with the unique way family concerns manifest in our community.

Partners and Spouses Discussion Group

This group is specifically designed to support those who are in a relationship with someone who identifies as having Asperger's or being on the autism spectrum. A safe place to check in, share resources, and discuss relevant information.

Groups are facilitated by persons whose partner identifies as being on the autism spectrum.

WSU Autism Community Club

Our Autism Community Club at Westfield State University offers a platform for cultural, educational, and social activities on-campus. It provides a safe space for students on the spectrum, as well as empowering them to fully engage with the campus.

Club activities are intended to educate, inform, and engage the campus as well as the greater Westfield community about the autistic experience. Students, faculty, administrators, and other educators are encouraged to attend for lectures, trainings, social events, and and information and referral.

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